New Bank to Support Christian Charities, Not Planned Parenthood

According to Christian evangelist and entrepreneur Nick Vujicic, “90% of banks ‘give philanthropically toward abortion.’” Ninety percent! This means nine out of ten banks are donating towards the murder of unborn children by giving to places such as Planned Parenthood, a company that wants to kill as many children in the womb as they can and celebrate this as a “woman’s choice,” “reproductive freedom,” or “healthcare.” Well, in response to this, Vujicic is co-starting his own bank, potentially to be named ProLifeBank.

The bank’s website reads, “Noah built an ark to save lives. We’re building a bank to do the same.” Rather than supporting hands that shed innocent blood, this new “for-giving” (instead of “for-profit”) bank will donate “50% of net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned-nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God.”

It’s shocking that such a large percentage of banks chose to put some of their philanthropic monies towards the violent destruction of children in their mother’s wombs—there’s absolutely nothing “philanthropic” about the murder of helpless babies! But it’s a reminder that the broad way (the world) is against God.

And it’s also worth noting that PayPal, a large financial institution, recently announced it will “fight extremism” on their platform. By current definitions, those who believe what the Bible says about life, sexuality, and marriage will quite likely be labeled “extremists” by such anti-God groups.

We are seeing more people recognizing the need to deal with the anti-Christian worldview permeating businesses and companies and do something about it!

Source: Answers in Genesis

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