Is It “Fair” to Allow Men to Compete in Women’s Sports?

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem calls out transgender revolution and for protection of girls-only sports—a nod to a more biblical worldview. We’re increasingly seeing news items of men dominating women’s sports. These men identify as women and then compete against women, often crushing the competition and even breaking previous records. And that’s just one exampleContinue reading “Is It “Fair” to Allow Men to Compete in Women’s Sports?”

Did a “Human Ancestor” Walk like Us but Climb like Apes?

Paleontologist Dr. Gabriela Haynes reviews a recent study on Australopithecus sediba and debunks the claim that it’s a “missing link” between apes and humans. Australopithecus sediba—did it walk like a human but climb like an ape? According to a recent study, new lower back fossils of this so-called “human ancestor” supposedly “settles a decades oldContinue reading “Did a “Human Ancestor” Walk like Us but Climb like Apes?”

Good News! Abortions Reduced by Half in Texas in September

Texas enacted the “heartbeat bill,” and ~2,000 unborn babies were saved in September 2021. It’s nice to be able to report some good news! In September, the state of Texas enacted a “heartbeat bill” that bans abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected (usually around 6–8 weeks gestational age). Now while this bill certainlyContinue reading “Good News! Abortions Reduced by Half in Texas in September”

New Bank to Support Christian Charities, Not Planned Parenthood

According to Christian evangelist and entrepreneur Nick Vujicic, “90% of banks ‘give philanthropically toward abortion.’” Ninety percent! This means nine out of ten banks are donating towards the murder of unborn children by giving to places such as Planned Parenthood, a company that wants to kill as many children in the womb as they canContinue reading “New Bank to Support Christian Charities, Not Planned Parenthood”

Answers News: October 6, 2021

Boston owner sells skinny house; Scans put Turkish Durupinar formation back into the headlines; Western Washington University segregates students based on skin color; Evolutionists argue about meaning of human footprints fossilized in New Mexico; William Lane Craig endorses old mytho-history heresy . . . and other stories reviewed during this October 6, 2021, broadcast ofContinue reading “Answers News: October 6, 2021”

Answers News: April 12, 2021

Saturn’s moons proclaim Jesus’ majestic power; Heidelberg evolutionists wants to change cephelod timeline by 30 million years; Reverend senetor tweets and deletes; Another story about gene transfer smells fishy; Alberta authorities fence off church property and use police to prevent assembly; Students sue US government in effort to defund Christian colleges who refuse to embraceContinue reading “Answers News: April 12, 2021”

Who Leads Harvard?

Canadian weatherman’s dog joins broadcast; Booksellers apologize for true books; Palaeontologists spin teeth into three new creatures with backstories; Biologists find even less time for plants to evolve moisture-regulating stomata; President insists Texas abortion limits are “outrageous” and “extreme”; Dozens of Harvard chaplains unanimously elect atheist leader; Team led by graduate student claims that intelligentlyContinue reading “Who Leads Harvard?”